What is the hardest part of sales?


Sales are not for weak at heart. Going from a little garage start-up to produce more than N10,000,000 a year is not easy and sales is one of the main issues in growing businesses to the next level.

The sales process needs to be scientific and calculated. Most sales associates are not great at identifying what is working the best and therefore never reach their peak potential.

Earning a customer’s trust is the hardest aspect of sales. And that’s why the best sales staff are genuinely interested in getting to know people and helping them out.

Here are some basics to get the most out of sales:

First, believe in the product

You can’t sell what you don’t believe in – you need to know that the products and services you are pushing are the best. The employees must learn about the products and have rebuttals about price after they have isolated the objection. I compare it to throwing a football at someone’s face: once you do that they block it. It’s the same thing with sales; they should have a comeback right away. How do you establish this? Role Play – they need to memorize their rebuttals and show that they truly believe in the product.


If you never ask for it, you will never get it

Next, ask the right question with confidence – but remember to ask the question.

Designed ‘checklists’ for this very problem. Sales can jump just by asking the right question. Here are some examples of great questions asked by  a door repairer on every job before start – remember, you have two ears and one mouth – SO LISTEN!

“This is a beautiful home, how long have you lived here?”. This is important because they may have just moved in, or they have lived there for 40 years and want the door fixed right!

“When was the last time you had the door looked at?”. It may have been recent OR never, plus your company might have been the last ones out there – all great information to know before you start the sales process.

“Tell me exactly what the door is doing?”. Sometimes the customers think they are experts, in this case they want everything replaced, which can be a great thing.

Have the right attitude

Another great tip is never go in with guns blazing. Have the attitude “I want your business, but if you don’t want to do this today that’s fine”. Customers want to know that you have their best interest at heart, and acting like you have to sell it no matter what looks bad.

Build rapport – this is huge, talk to the customer for at least 15 minutes before you even start the sales process. If you let them get to know you as an individual, they tend to trust you more. Also, have a lot of manners. This is especially important in the home service industry, since you will constantly interact face to face with your customers. Manners help the customers believe you grew up the right way, and this creates trust.

At the end of the day, getting up every day and being ambitious is the toughest thing about sales. You need to create a routine and stick to it, no time for laziness.


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