Sales Tips of the week


1.    Don’t forget that you have two kinds of clients… first-time clients and repeat Most sales efforts are directed at finding first-timers… but retaining existing clients – in addition to being much easier and less expensive than hunting for new business – is the only path to a truly successful business. So, think about how you’ll go after each of these two groups.

2.    If you’re like every other business on the face of the planet… you’ve lost a client or two (or 10 or 100) over the years. In 2016, commit to picking up the phone once a week (at a minimum) and calling one of those ex-clients to try to re-ignite the relationship. What have you got to lose?

3.    In an industry that generally does not embrace sales, remember this… “Seek first to help, then to sell.” Think about providing some kind of value to sales prospects – before you begin selling – that will help them to overcome the initial hurdle of you being a “salesman.” Get creative. Maybe ‘clip an article’ and send it to them… forward a copy of your latest white paper… offer to deliver a lunch-n-learn to their team, etc.

4.    No sales prospect ever agrees to become a client on the first contact. There is always some level of ‘nurturing’ that’s necessary. Rather than relying only on email for your nurturing in 2016, pick up the phone occasionally and talk with your prospects. Remember… no one will buy from you until they get to “know you… like you… trust you.” And phone calls can help accelerate that process.

5.    Are you as part-time sales rep? Most in our industry are. To be successful at sales, you can’t just “get to it when I have time.” You must be proactive. So, next year, commit to blocking off some time once a day or once a week and doing nothing but working on sales. It takes 21 times for something to become a habit… so stick with it – you’ll be glad you did!


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