• men-women

    Men or Women – Who Are Better Salespeople?

    Objective Management Group has data that proves that a greater percentage of women are stronger than men. Here is how that data breaks down: In areas of motivation – Desire, Commitment, Money Motivated, Enjoys Selling, and Excuse Making, men and women are statistically the same. In the area of Outlook – Women are slightly more likely to have a strong ...
  • business-failure

    Why most businesses struggle with sales and what to do about it.

    There are so many reasons why most businesses struggle with sales, a situation that leads to business failure and eventually complete shutdown. First, let’s look at the consequences of not making sales; If you don’t make sales it’s difficult to pay staff, rent and other bills Making sales is the greatest motivational factor in a business environment, it makes everyone ...
  • bigsales

    Difference between BIG SALES and small sales

    Selling N100,000 products or services is not the same as selling 50 Million Naira, the mindset of the buyers or prospects are not the same, the sales closing period varies and in fact the language of the sellers cannot be the same. So what is the point of this article? I’m trying to draw your attention to the differences so ...
  • maxresdefault

    Sales tips for the day

    1. Don’t do the bulk of your business prospecting during prime business hours.Often the call that is placed at 8AM or 6PM will be received by a decision-maker that has more time to talk. 2. If you want to present products and services that are of value to the prospect and that meet their needs, you have to ASK questions. ...
  • 1227businees1

    An untapped marketing opportunities

    All businesses are in search of customers to drive their sales but very few business owners takes the time to look inward for sales opportunities. There are many opportunities today and also in the future but for this articles I’ll draw your attention to your sales activities in the past and share with you the opportunities inside your organization that ...
  • 5pm-photo

    How you can make extra income by 5pm

    There is nothing wrong in trying your hands on things that can earn you extra income daily. In fact it’s a good way of boosting your brain capacity according to Brain Training Centre Nigeria. After work you can take some rest and begin a less stressful task that can earn you money, why sleep when you know you need extra ...
  • fiance

    What to do if you are Financially Illiterate

    There an article in the Punch Newspaper title “Over 70% of Nigerians are financial illiterates”. The statement was made last week by the Chairman of Bank Customers Association of Nigeria, Mr. Uju Ogubunka at the Financial Literacy Excellence Award (FiLEX), in Lagos, he noted everyone needed financial inclusion irrespective of gender, age or profession. According to Investopedia; Financial literacy often ...
  • saleman2

    Do you love or Hate Marketing Job? Join the conversion.

    A friend of mine send this message to me and I decided to post it. Below is her message; “I’m confronted with two job opportunities with almost equal pay packages in a comfortable working environment and one of the opportunities is a marketing job. I heard there is a bit of “suffering” before you can make sales but I have ...