Ben Arikpo


Ben Arikpo CEO of Akada Konsults, Brain Training, Dyslexia Foundation

Ben Arikpo is a Sociologist, specialising in Organization Development, Entrepreneurship, Business Coaching and Mentoring, community development and capacity building with over 20 years experience working across Southern, East and West Africa.  Since gaining his MSc in Industrial Sociology (Specialisation in Human Resources) from the University of Calabar, he has worked with academic, civil society/NGO, Government (from Local to State), community and private sector organisations in Africa, demonstrating an ability to communicate and negotiate with a wide range of stakeholders at all levels.  He has an excellent understanding of the social, economic and political situation in Africa, including the needs of and opportunities for civil society, small and medium scale enterprises, development sector and consulting.

He is the Chief Executive Officer of Akada Konsults, an HR/OD Consultancy firm with a well-established reputation for high quality consultancy in Africa, and is Nigeria’s # 1 Organization Development Consultancy Services Providers.  Ben Arikpo also has an in-depth understanding of the civil society context in Nigeria through his numerous consultancy assignments with Nigerian NGOs/CSOs including HIV/AIDS NGOs, Church and religious groups, microcredit organisations, conservation groups and human rights groups.  He has undertaken numerous NGO training programmes in areas such as entrepreneurship, leadership, change management, multicultural project management, financial management, team building, fundraising, proposal writing, conflict resolution and peace building training as well as training of trainers.  He also has previous experience of liaison with community development staff of NGOs in his role as Program Coordinator for the Shell New Initiatives Community Programme Development, and as a freelance consultant he worked for numerous local NGOs and CBOs.

He is skilled in various HR/OD techniques, including a highly developed facilitation capacity, experience in HRM/Change Management strategies, Training Needs Assessment techniques, development of performance improvement and appraisal systems, and stakeholder consultations.  In addition to his wealth of experience, Ben Arikpo is also highly familiar with both the private sector and the donor context in Nigeria, having worked on numerous DFID funded assignments.  He also has in-depth knowledge of USAID having worked as an FSN for USAID Nigeria and consulting for various implementing partners of USAID. His knowledge of the private sector derives from his years of working both as a consultant and staff of Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) of Nigeria and in ongoing support to many private companies. 

Country Experience:

Africa: Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Togo, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique and Egypt.

North America: United States (Atlanta) and Canada (London, Toronto and Ottawa)

Europe: United Kingdom, Germany and Netherlands

South America: Chile

Core Competencies and Skills:

Organizational Assessment, Human Resources Development, Performance Improvement and Management Interventions, Recruitment, Training Needs Assessments, Development of Training Plans, Personnel Management Training, etc.  Change Management, Organizational Culture Assessment and Change, Diversity and Transformation Management, Gender and Development Assessment and Training, Team Building, Advocacy Strategy Development and Training, Project Cycle Management & Training, Participatory Project Monitoring and Evaluations, Conflict Resolution and Peace Building, Training of Trainers and Training of HR/Organization Development Consultants, Facilitation & Moderation.

Professional Qualifications

  • Certified Executive/Business Coach – May 2004
  • Certified Trainer of Systemic Organization Development Consultants – 2000
  • Certified Systemic Organization Development Consultant  – Nov 1997

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