13 Years Old Nigerian girl set new record


“Faithlisa Onemena Abolo, author of the book “Indomitable: Never Give Up; Keep Fighting” is a thirteen-year-old girl who was born in Lagos and hails from Delta State of Nigeria. She loves to read and write. She is from a family of four, the youngest and only girl. She started writing when she was eleven. She is in the ninth grade and has authored two other books: The Heart of a Lost One and The Scary Part of Life.”


Faithlisa new book has just been published by the oldest publishing company[1920] in the USA–Dorrance Publishing Co., Pittsburg. Dorrance Publishing is author’s dream publisher that has rejected to publish books from great writers over the years. In the lineup of Authors on the testimonies page of Dorrance Publishing website, She is the youngest Author and she may just be the first Nigerian girl in the list.  To order from Amazon click here, or type Faithlisa Onemena Abolo on your Google Books Search and choose any of the options.





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