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    How to develop and strengthen your “big picture” skills

    This is a new year and a good time to think big. But most people still lack the basic thinking skill. What is big picture skills? In a nutshell, “big picture” skills are your life strategy skills. When you start connecting with the big picture, that means you start to see the link between what you are doing today and ...
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    The characteristics and skills of a good entrepreneur

    What’s the  main factor that makes for a great entrepreneur? To be a basketball star, you would most likely be extremely tall, fast, athletic, and have real hops. But the qualities of a great entrepreneur are more abstract or illusive for someone studying entrepreneurship and business. There are five major traits that you should have when it comes to building ...
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    4 Easy Steps to sell anything

    Pen as case study: Step #1. Ask the person what they do. You want to understand what kind of person you are selling to. How will they use your product? If they are in management, they probably sign important documents and checks. Listening to them will give you background and hints as to how to most effectively persuade them to ...
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    What is something that money can’t buy?

    We all have heard people saying money ain’t everything. But practically if we look around, we cannot deny the fact that money is everything. Artistic Talent.  Money cannot make you into a great painter or sculptor or composer.  It can’t make you a great composer or author. At best, you can hire people as ghosts to do the work and ...
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    What is the hardest part of sales?

    Sales are not for weak at heart. Going from a little garage start-up to produce more than N10,000,000 a year is not easy and sales is one of the main issues in growing businesses to the next level. The sales process needs to be scientific and calculated. Most sales associates are not great at identifying what is working the best ...
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    Sales Tips of the week

    1.    Don’t forget that you have two kinds of clients… first-time clients and repeat Most sales efforts are directed at finding first-timers… but retaining existing clients – in addition to being much easier and less expensive than hunting for new business – is the only path to a truly successful business. So, think about how you’ll go after each ...
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    Social media doesn’t drive sales directly

    Social media doesn’t drive sales directly. But it significantly impacts sales indirectly. So here’s what you should do instead. 1. Increase Awareness: The first step in marketing is to get your prospect’s attention. Selling is difficult for most companies online because… no one’s ever heard of you. And no one’s going to buy without recognizing your brand. Don’t use social ...
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    Fijeh Roseline Aadum

    Fijeh Roseline Aadum, Founder of Fijeh Roseline Aadum Foundation [FRAF], is a Certified Life Coach and the best-selling author of Masters of Success; a book she co-authored with Brian Tracy. As a strong believer in the ability of every individual to find their true purpose and maximise their potentials, Fijeh is passionate about helping individuals and businesses achieve their desired ...
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